United Karate Associations International

United KAI


Kokusai Karate Rengokai

U-KAI is committed to the propagation, instruction and promotion of traditional Karate-Do/Jutsu. In the spirit of mutual respect, development, friendship and brotherhood, the primary goal of U-KAI is the unification of all traditional Karate-Do/Jutsu organizations. In addition to this, U-KAI is dedicated to forging positive international relationships through constant active participation in world class international competitions, seminars, symposiums and events.

Through scientific research and the strict implementation of the grading syllabus and certification programs, U-KAI will remain absolutely committed to upholding the highest international standards of traditional Karate-Do/Jutsu on an international level.

U-KAI will remain committed to the implementation of technology and science to help further the altruistic causes of traditional Karate-Do/Jutsu. U-KAI will forever welcome all practitioners of traditional Karate-Do/Jutsu regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age or religion.

U-KAI will foster a powerful atmosphere of honesty, loyalty, dedication and discipline, while nurturing a hopeful spirit of world peace, brotherhood and life long friendships.